Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us, so we have developed a Privacy Policy that covers the gathering, usage, communication, transfer and storage of your personal information. The use and treatment of this information in our online store is the responsibility of Graphic's® in compliance with the legislation in force regarding the Protection of Personal Data. Find out about our privacy practices and, if you need to, contact us.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information used to identify and / or contact an individual and / or a company. This information can be requested from you whenever you are in contact with Graphic's® and / or any of its official partners, who can share this information with each other in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The same information can be cross-checked with other information collected by other oral and written means in order to provide and improve our products, services, content and marketing.

What personal data do we collect?

Your personal information is collected whenever you register (create an account), purchase a product and / or download a file. The data provided by you includes the name, address (es), email address, telephone contact, company website (when applicable) and financial data for billing and payment purposes.

Use of personal data for commercial purposes

The personal data collected in this online store allows us to keep our customers informed about news regarding Graphic's® products and events, as well as improving our products, services, content and marketing. You can request your exclusion from our mailing list at any time.

Your personal information may be used from time to time to send important notices related to purchases and / or changes to our terms, conditions and policies, as well as for internal purposes, such as audits, data analysis and research. In these cases, you cannot request exclusion from our mailing list.

Non-personal data

Our gathering of information includes non-personal information, this format does not allow specific individual association. These data can be used for any purpose, namely to detect the interest of customers in the pages and products of our online store.
Examples of non-personal information we collect include profession, language, postal code, area code and unique device identifier. If the non-personal information and the personal information are crossed, the data will be treated as personal.

Sharing with third parties

Graphic's® shares personal data with third parties in order to ensure the effective completion of the purchase and sale process, namely distributors that are part of the partner program, companies providing goods delivery services and in the event of a reorganization, merge or business sale.
Like these, any third party linked to Graphic's® is obliged to protect your personal information and to comply with the rules and regulations for the protection of personal data.

Legal obligations

Graphic's® may be obliged to disclose your personal data by law, legal process, litigation and / or requests from Portuguese or foreign public or government authorities.
Your information may also be disclosed whenever this need is determined for the purposes of national security, law enforcement or other matters of public importance, as well as for the application of our terms and conditions or protection of the operations and / or customers of our online store.

Personal data updating

Whenever you want to check the data registered in our online store, you can do so through the various contacts that we make available online, you will be asked for proof of your identity to have access to the requested information.
We advise that this information must be kept safe since it is your responsibility for any actions taken through your customer account, including avoiding saving the password in the browser and making it accessible to another person with access to the computer and / or mobile devices used by you.


Graphic's® online store is equipped with security systems designed to protect data registered by customers, as well as to prevent unauthorized access, improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction. The user is responsible for ensuring that the computer and / or mobile devices used are properly protected against harmful software, computer viruses and worms.

Retention of personal data

Graphic's® will retain your personal data as long as your registration is active or as necessary for the relevant activity, namely in the provision of any services subscribed to Graphic's® (and without prejudice to any legal obligation that strictly requires the preservation of personal data needed beyond those retention periods).
Your data will be kept until we delete your registration on our website or you request the deletion / cancellation of your subscription, with the exception of your personal data that may or should continue to be treated by Graphic's® for remaining purposes - referred to above-, under the pertinent lawfulness basis and always taking into account the applicable personal data protection legislation.
It is the Client's knowledge that the use of the website may not be 100% secure, so there is a possibility that the information sent / received may be intercepted by unauthorized parties, and this cannot be imputed to Graphic's®.